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What's the status of Marshall's volume 2 💙🦁?

Hello everyone, 

I hope you're all doing well. I wanted to write you a little message ("little" not sure🤭) to tell you about my writing activity and give you some info.


Thank you for all the support you've already given me and are still giving me. It warms my heart and helps me stay motivated 🥰🥰.

I haven't forgotten you and will write a sequel to Marshall...But I need to find out when.


I'm all for leaving "free will" (a value I hold dear in life 😁) to my brain to create when it wants to, when it feels like it, and when it's ready! I had a big dry spell where no creative ideas were coming, whether for Marshall or my blog ( I think the stress and anxiety of the last 2/3 years blocked me. But now I'm trying to enjoy my surroundings and little family as much as possible... and it seems to work!


I'm starting to get ideas time to time, which I jot down in my notebook... I'm also letting time take its toll, and I'm not pushing my brain: I've chosen to be an independent author! I don't want to force myself to write a story that will be half baked just to make a volume 2. 


But I understand that for some people, the wait can be a bit longer, even frustrating.... That's why I wanted to write you this "short" message to tell you that things are moving forward, even if it's a bit slow 🐢 ( you know the fable of the "hare and the tortoise": who wins in the end?🐢🥇)! I promise you: there will be a Marshall 2 🦁🦁. And I have other ideas for sequels and projects in different literary styles (🤫).

I also have an idea for a publishing house... Lots of ideas are germinating; give them time to blossom 🌸.


I'm thinking of you and will try, with all my heart, to create a Volume 2 that will fulfill your hopes and expectations!


Thank you again for your support 🥰🥰. Without you, there wouldn't even be the idea of a volume 2 😍🦁💙


THANK YOU SO MUCH, and talk soon!💙🩷🥰😘

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